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Origin:  Ventura, CA


Genre: Alt-Rock


The CloudRunners were formed in 2017 by vocalists, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists Chris Nova and Nick Valentine. Having written and produced music independently for years, they decided to combine their efforts and form a band that could play live in addition to working in the studio. They added Peter Thomson (lead guitar), Mike Guynn (bass), and Daniel Gallardo (drums) to their roster to make up the rest of the band.

CloudRunners had immediate success playing live around southern California in 2017 through late 2019. They headlined shows at local venues such as Copper Blues in Oxnard and The Tavern in Ventura, shared the stage at the Canyon Club in Aurora Hills with Royal Bliss, Hinder, Led Zepagain, and DSB (Don't Stop Believing), opened for Collective Soul at the Ventura County Fair, and performed at the Santa Barbara County Fair and the Santa Maria Strawberry Festival.

Just as the CloudRunners were picking up momentum, the Covid-19 Pandemic shook the entire world. With most live music venues closed and festivals canceled, the CloudRunners decided to make the most of their situation and headed back to the studio to work on their original music. They completed and released multiple original tracks and started developing an animated music video for their debut single, The Only One.

CloudRunners have rocked intimate settings, like popular clubs, all the way up to 2000-person high production venues.  They have also been featured in the Ventura County Reporter and Ventura County Star, as well as on Live 105.5 FM.

March 2019 Photos_72 Square.jpg

From left to right:  Daniel Gallardo, Nick Miller, Peter Thomson, Chris Miller, and Mike Guynn

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