Origin:  Iowa City, IA -> Ventura, CA


Genre: Alt-Rock

Type: Original Music & Top 100 Cover Songs








CloudRunners has been the dream of vocalists, guitarists, and brothers, Nickolas James and Christopher Lee, since 2006.  They have been writing, playing, and producing for over 12 years, but had consistently been half the country away from each other for college.  They finally had the opportunity to rejoin their journeys in Los Angeles where they met Peter Thomson (lead guitar), Mike Guynn (bass), and Daniel Gallardo (drums) to make up the rest of CloudRunners.

CloudRunners have rocked intimate settings, like popular clubs, all the way up to 2000-person high production venues.  They have also been featured in the Ventura County Reporter and Ventura County Star, as well as on Live 105.5 FM.

March 2019 Photos_72 Square.jpg

From left to right:  Daniel Gallardo, Nickolas James, Peter Thomson, Christopher Lee, and Mike Guynn